Yes Yes Hard Seltzer – Mixed 12 Pack

Alcoholic fizzy water that is vegan friendly, gluten free and low on calories – how can you go wrong?! YES YES is a delicious alternative that can be enjoyed by everyone. Many meticulous brewing experiments have allowed us to make this flawless drink that is as tasty as it is refreshing. Available in mixed berries, lemon and lime, and mango and passionfruit.

YES YES Hard Seltzer is best served ice cold on a summer’s day – but we don’t get many of those in Lincolnshire!


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Availability – Taproom, Cans, Kegs, Local Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

4x Mango & Passionfruit, Refreshing, Easy-Drinking

4x Lemon & Lime, Refreshing, Easy-Drinking

4x Mixed Berries, Refreshing, Easy-Drinking


ABV : 4%

KCAL : 95

Carbs : 4