Voulez Brew

Get ready to boogie with Voulez Brew sour beer, a dazzling concoction that brings the party to your palate! This sensational sour beer, bursting with the vibrant flavours of real raspberries and zesty lemons, offers a taste experience as electrifying as a disco dance floor. With its captivating pink hue reminiscent of a summer sunset, Voulez Brew sets the stage for a flavour journey that’s both refreshing and exhilarating. Whether you’re grooving at a rooftop party or chilling with friends in the garden, Voulez Brew sour beer promises to elevate any occasion with its fruity flair and funky vibes. Turn up the tunes and sip your way into the night with Voulez Brew – the ultimate party starter!

Ebc 6
ABv 4.8%
IBU 16

HOPS: Mittlefruh

Can Size 440ml


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